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I managed to hurt my thumb at football on Monday night (and before another comedian says anything, yes I do know that I'm supposed to play with my feet), which resulted in me spending a couple of hours in the local A&E department... without the aid of any reading material! Bad idea. Particularly when I was already feeling hard-done by after a few weeks of working flat out, wrestling with bureaucracy and witnessing members of the church (not my own I hasten to add) behaving appallingly or accusing others of having done so... Too much time to think and wallow in my "poor me" mindset.

At one point during the waiting game, I found myself saying, as I have said before "God... I may never lose my faith in you... but it grows harder to have faith in other people... even those who are supposed to be your children."

He didn't answer... Not immediately.

But over the past two days he has.

When I visited a lady on her death-bed to have her stir only to ask about the well-being of others.

When I visited another older lady to hear of the kindness of a colleague who didn't simply call by for a pious conversation over a cup of tea, but who greeted her with the words "Do you have a lawn-mower?" before doing her lawn back and front and weeding her borders, then making the both of them some tea.

When I visited a third older lady who had fallen and broken her elbow in our local hospital, but had been picked up by a young porter who proceeded to call in to see how she was doing twice a day for the 10 days she was in hospital... And refused to take a gift of money in a thank-you card... Seeing the thanks as sufficient.

This last particularly spoke to me since one of my fights with bureaucracy was with porters in the same hospital who had been refusing to take elderly patients to Sunday worship in the hospital chapel.

OK God... I get the message... I'll give humanity another chance.


Anonymous said…
gsIt is clear that we do not always seem to know that we have God close to us. God made us with the ability to think with his mind, I know this seems rather arrogant but, he did want to be able to come across as though we knew of his teachings. That is why we have humilty and can take care of one another and somehow have faith that there is a man or a women that will be there for us. Helping to bring us to a better understanding of the love that Jesus Christ has for us. I am still reaching for all the love that he can give me.

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