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Whilst preparing for a service tomorrow I stumbled on this dialogue I posted at this time 2 years ago... it is again pertinent (with a slide amendment) in this Ascensiontide, in the wake of elections this past week and thinking about issues of sovereignty that will be thrown up by the European referendum next month. I'm not entirely convinced by the fetishism of democracy, especially given it's tendency to be subverted by tribal interested or the undue influence of those with vast amounts of money, although I would probably somewhat cynically agree with the idea that “democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others” (whether or not Churchill ever said it). But it is probably as dangerous to identify one form of government with the Kingdom of God as it is to identify one nation with it. As I said before thanks (or should that be apologies) should go to John Bell and Graeme Maule of the Iona Community for the format if not the content of what follows... The …