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Is Seeing Believing?

I am sure you've seen it by now... the multiple photos of Pope Francis looking seriously non-plussed standing beside a grinning President Trump... perhaps juxtaposed with photos of Francis laughing with Barack Obama... I immediately laughed... but I didn't see it as particularly insightful... Most were posted by friends within my virtual bubble who (like me) would not be the current President's greatest fans, and as such the photo told more about them (and me) than it really says about any of the people in the picture... And in most cases where those photos appeared on social media you didn't have to scroll too far down the comments before someone (not necessarily a Trump fan) countered the initial photo with another one, either with the two men smiling, as above, or another one of the Pope looking grim faced beside the former President... Photos these days are fairly crude weapons in world of political and social warfare, be it the current Pope/Trump ones or the phot…