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Playing the Rests

It's been a while, but I've been outrageously busy in the real world of Methodism without attending too much to the virtual one (which is ironic given the subject of my post), but as usual the necessity of coming up with something for Thought for the Day on Radio Ulster has prompted me to post again... Here's this morning's offering which you can still catch here 26 minutes in and 87 minutes in... With a hat-tip from Alan Meban in a piece about checking emails on the way in to work in between. They will probably get round to posting it here as a clip later on.
I am sure that anyone who has to travel during rush hour has noticed the increased travel time required over the past few days with schools starting to go back after their holidays… It will be even busier on Monday, and that’s without those in some parts of Belfast having to pay attention to the start of the new Glider service… The summer break is over for most us, and within schools and churches and many other se…