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You're Welcome

It's strange what cocktails of things prompt the things that I write. They are frequently just word doodles. Yesterday's poem was, as I said, prompted by the death of a friend and colleague, but what I didn't say was that Christy Moore's "Ride on" and the hymn "For all the saints" were also a bizarre musical mash-up in my head as I wrote.  In this case the following short reflections were stirred up not only by Jesus' dealing with Simon Peter in John 20 from last week's lectionary,  but also reading stories of politicians that I would bitterly disagree with, a response by a colleague to a comment I had made about a political commentator that I dislike, seeing a church notice board (not this one) on my way into work that says "All Welcome" when I don't actually think that all would be welcome in that particular church, except on their terms, and listening to the gospel song "People Get Ready" on my car playlist on the s…

Ride On

A poem for a colleague and those who miss him, for now... 

Ride on brother, ride on  You’ve had a tough climb  You can now fill your lungs  Lift your head and ride on. 
From the start you set the pace Showed us what needed done  Encouraged those less able  And inspired all those around 
You always cheered on others  Now your brothers and sisters  Of all generations and nations  Applaud your run for home 
The victor's crown awaits you  We feebly struggle in your wake  But you never sought the glory  You just did what needed done 
So now you’ve crested the hill  We’ve lost sight of you for now  But your example spurs us on And we’ll see you at the finish 
So ride on brother, ride on  You’ve had a tough climb  You can now fill your lungs 
Lift your head and ride on.  Shalom

The Ballad of the Big Fish

Still on a bit of a Mary Oliver kick, I remembered this piece I wrote for an event I wasn't able to deliver. It's inspired by (stolen from) The Ballad of Amergin, Colossians 1, John 1, Genesis 1, Belfast’s Big Fish and the city in which it stands
I am the fish: that leaps the weir, I am the river: from moor to mouth, I am the cloud: that lours above, I am the rain: the tears of the sun, I am the gull: soaring and strutting, I am the seedling: in crack and crevice, I am the hillsides: embracing the city, I am the Word: bringing all into being In whom all things hold together.
I am the car: rushing on by, I am the bike: crossing the bridge, I am the lights: dictating the traffic, I am the sun: looking down on all, I am the boat: bound for abroad, I am the waves: on which it sails, I am the wind: blowing where it wills, I am the breath: bringer of life Hovering over the chaos.

I am the fire; of every hearth, I am the roof: for every head, I am the bread: on every table, I am the queen: of every hive, I…