But Meanwhile... Back at the Talkshop

Back to Conference then, and further reflections on Martyn Atkin's challenging address on "Sharing Faith Today".

Moving on from the assertion that, in the words of Donald English, lives and lips need to be in agreement, he quoted the words of Minucius Felix, a church leader from the mid second century, who reputedly said:

'Beauty of life... causes strangers to join the ranks... we do not talk about great things; we live them.'
Minucius Felix c160ad

Not terribly familiar with the writings of Mr. Felix, but it does chime well with the Elvis Presley song, sexed up for Nike's 2002 World Cup Ad, A Little Less Conversation... a little more action please...

Now, on the whole, this is a sentiment I heartily agree with. I want to see a lot more action. But I don't want us to stop talking... I believe we can actually talk and act at the same time. The problem is that we don't EVEN talk about great things, never mind live them.

We talk a lot, be it in Conference, Church Councils, Committees and Bible Studies, but all too often it is about the minutii of life... Lets have a little more conversation about great things to inspire action, PLEASE!?


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