TOY Story

This morning we said goodbye to West Michigan... Hopefully not forever, but certainly for the forseeable future... Most of our formal goodbyes were said 2 weeks ago when we said farewell to the congregation at Faith UMC. Two of them, Ron and Shirley Marckini kindly drove us to the airport in Detroit...

But we also said goodbye to Tommy and Brook who were constant companions each weekday morning for 7 weeks (bar the 3 days in Niagara)... Because they are the breakfast show presenters on West Michigan Star 105.7.

Their programme is a fairly typical regional commercial breakfast show, with a playlist of current hits and "classics" from the 70s and 80s. But one of the features that sets this programme and the station as a whole is their TOY Program. TOY standing for Thinking Outside Yourself.

The idea is for listeners to do something completely altruistic, and anonymous... e.g. paying the toll for the person behind you at a freeway tollbooth, or buying a soft drink for someone behind you at the drivethrough.

I could get all cynical about it all... But I won't... In fact I would love to see other radio stations on both sides of the Atlantic taking it up...

So goodbye Tommy and Brook... Keep TOYing with people...


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