Saturday Supplement

A very brief supplement this week as
1) there hasn't been much that has caught my attention on t'internet this week
2) life has been a little hectic...
First, I'm one who frequently has complained about the lack of sportsmanship within the round ball variety of football, but not only was I encouraged by the positive response to the condition of Fabrice Muamba following his neear fatal collapse in an FA Cup game (and thankfully this week we hear that Muamba is out of hospital) but especially by this story concerning IFA minnows Dungannon Swifts... It was so newsworthy that I actually picked up the story in Scotland, probably the first time that the Swifts have made the national news, and all for the right reasons.
Second, and finally, Kim Fabricius once again offers us his wit and wisdom with more Doodlings over on Faith and Theology - plenty there to stimulate, wind-up and/or amuse (delete as applicable.)


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