The Fixer

I'm a fixer. So this song has resonated with me since I first heard it... But I post it as a slight counterbalance to the piece of doggerel I have written below. It is a bit ironic in the light of my previous post where I referred to hope in the here and now rather than hope deferred, but thinking about the actual shape of that hope in the light of experiences in the last couple of weeks and having Karine Polwart's new album "Traces" on in the background (beautiful but poignant - my review will follow in due course but here's one to go on with) have produced this - 

When the fixer cannot fix it
When the coper cannot cope
When the purveyor of hope
Has nothing left for himself

When every day brings more heartache
When each night brings more despair
When the world seems so unfair
And darkness is triumphant

When the storm sends you spiralling
When the earth quakes beneath your feet
When enemies plot your defeat
And others sigh at your demise

When you are way beyond your depth
When the going is worse than tough
When pious words are not enough
You need incarnation

The uncalled for call
The unasked for gift
The slightest spark of light
The present of presence
The embrace of everlasting arms
Made flesh in a friend



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