Starting Over

Once upon a time there was a man with no sense of personal discipline who started a blog on a social networking site... But it was a useless site (just take a look at the URL at the bottom of this page to see why) and due to lack energy to sort it out he gave up on it... But now he's decided to start again on a different site and be a bit more disciplined this time...
Sorry about the third person stuff there... a bit of a Caesar complex... Anyway this blog will be an online archive of stuff I have written elsewhere for various reasons, bits and pieces that have inspired me and occasional rants about various things... The material will include sketches, monologues, songs, articles, essays, mostly on theological issues, but occasionally straying into other fields too. If anything is of use to you, feel free to use it liberally, though please do acknowledge the source... Anything that I quote on this blog will be suitably cited, if possible, so that the appropriate person or persons can get the credit.
Why am I a virtual Methodist? Well, the Methodist Church pays my stipend... and I suppose I lean towards Methodist/Arminian theology more that most other streams... But in all honesty, it seemed like a name people might remember... Whether it is worth remembering is another matter...


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