While preparing some material for a Bible Study on the nature of God, I remembered this old poem by Steve Stockman. The book it is in is no longer on sale, and he hasn't posted it on his own website, so here it is (with his permission)...

Come come away
Onto holy ground
And in the silence
Without a sound
We tasted life
Of a supernatural fashion
Increasing our vision
And holy passion
Souls in awe and wonder
The eternal now
We beheld the power and glory
The mighty spectacular wow.

Come come away
To the upper room
With mouths wide open
And hearts consumed
There we celebrated
With hands all raised
Heirs of the Father
On whom we gazed
Souls in awe and wonder
The eternal now
We beheld his holiness and love
The mighty spectacular wow.
Steve Stockman © 1990 Youth Dept., PCI.


Mark said…
Appreciated getting to read this poem again.

Thanks for posting it.

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