With Open Eyes

Having finished one book earlier this week that encourages us to have open hands, I've now just finished another that encourages us to have open eyes.
Jim Lynch's "The Highest Tide" is the story of 13 year old Miles O'Malley, who lives on Skookumchuck Bay in Washington State, and makes a habit of finding extraordinary creatures whilst exploring the bay at low tide. It is essentially a coming of age tale, but the key element is the fact that this child, who is vertically challenged and facing the divorce of his parents,comes to be hailed as a prophetic figure by a religious cult following his naive assertion to a journalist that perhaps the earth is trying to tell them something. "God is within you," the cult leader portentously states.
But the only really unique thing about Miles is his interest in the life of the bay... an interest that causes him to be ready and willing to see what is there... Things that anyone could see if only they could be bothered looking.
Without spoiling the ending, Miles experiences a long hoped-for growth spurt, his voice breaks, and there is a foreshadowing of a possible romantic relationship to come... The unanswered question is whether he loses that ability or willingness to see what is there for everyone to see...
My Mum used to say to me when I was younger, in words that I took to be a proverb, but which I have never traced: "Eyes have thou but will not see..."
I think I'm worse now than I was then...


Angela said…
i think that's why i found my way into writing my children's novel - when you purposefully look for "magic" it seems that everything becomes magical and it's such a blessing to remember that. i wonder if your drama stuff is the same for you?
I think my writing in its various forms (except perhaps my weekly sermons which are at times far too prosaic for my own liking... but you have to start where most of the people are at!) seek to encourage people to see beyond the surface... to think of the continuing story... to see things through others eyes.

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