The Mirror

Have been looking at what the Bible says about Creation and Evolution with my Bible study group this week and my mind went back to this performance poem written by me. I originally posted it on the 1st February back in 2008 in response to some stuff written by Glenn Jordan over on Crookedshore, but it was first written to be performed (brilliantly) by Sharon Morwood, (now Thompson), at the Waterfront Hall as part of "Genesis", a 10th Anniversary event by New Irish Arts, inspired by the first chapter of the Bible.
New Irish Arts continues to try and prompt and support Christians with a creative bent, and have now instituted a "Christian Creatives" event at the Oasis Cafe in East Belfast on the last Tuesday evening of each month. Haven't made it along myself yet but I hope to soon.

If the image of the creator is imprinted on us, male and female, then we are all, in one way or another created to create...

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror of a morning
and wondered
"What does anyone see in me?"

God looked at himself in a mirror one morning,
a mirror which he had made;
a mirror fashioned out of clay,
transformed into flesh and bone...
And in the mirror of man’s eye
God saw himself.
But it was not good.

He was alone.
And God was never alone.
He was always “us.”
So God made another
to make the picture complete.

And that morning he saw himself in the mirror of mankind
Male and female
Loved and loving
Created to create


crookedshore said…
thanks david...the imago dei is obviously a rich vein for creative exploration

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