Party Political Priorities

I could never be said to be a staunch supporter of DUP politics, or particularly of Ian Paisley Junior, but I have felt a little uneasy about the headlong pursuit of him by the baying pack of media hounds recently. Yes he seems to have been receiving more full time salaries than it would seem possible to deserve... Yes his handling of the Giant's Causeway shenanigans has more than a wiff of self-interest in it... Yes his constituency lobbying during the St Andrew's talks seems a tad inappropriate... and his personal financial affairs seem a little nepotistic... But I do wonder whether the media only noticed all of this because of who his father is. One conspiracy theorist recently suggested to me that his comments about homosexuality offended key people in the media (because we all know that those in the media are predominantly homosexual, being the sub-text). Another suggested that he has been fingered for attack by someone within the party. Anyway... for whatever reason, it has finally got to him and he has resigned as a junior minister in the OFMDFM (where his Dad could keep an eye on him, and vice versa).

But what sent me to the fair was his parting shot at the media when he said:

"The criticism has been a distraction and has got in the way of the activities of this government and importantly it has gotten in the way of the activities of my political party."
But what is more important? Government or party? Or perhaps it is personal interest.

After that comment I'm truly glad he has gone... I hope he doesn't get back into power until he sorts his priorities out.
For another angle on the expense accounts issue see Crookedshore's Thought for the Day.


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