One Movie...

Ben Myers on his Faith and Theology blog has initiated a "One Movie that..." meme... Here is my list, for what it is worth... Draw up your own and pass it on to 5 people to see what they will make of it...

1. Made me laugh: Shrek 2

2. Made me cry: Its a Wonderful Life

3. Loved as a child: The Forbidden Planet

4. Seen more than once: Star Wars (the original)

5. Embarrassed to admit I liked: The Quiet Man

6. Hated: Meet the Fockers

7. Scared me: Jaws (the last time I jumped in a cinema... I just don't go to "horror" films.

8. Bored me: Hoodwinked

9. Made me happy: Singing in the Rain

10. Made me miserable: Presumed Innocent

11. Afraid to see: 3 and Out in case it really was as bad as everyone said.

12. Character fell in love with: Rachel Weisz's character in the Constant Gardner

13. Last movie seen: Iron Man

14. Next movie hope to see: Speed Racer, Prince Caspian or Indy IV (I've got kids)

I tag Glenn, Mark, Ross, Gareth, and Jools in anticipation of much more interesting lists.


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