Your Name is Honoured in All that You Have Made

The Psalm for tomorrow under the revised Common Lectionary (for those who pay attention to such things, is Psalm 8. What follows is a paraphrase of Psalm 8 for 2 voices that I wrote for the New Irish Arts 10th Anniversary Show, entitled Genesis: A Celebration of Creativity.

BOTH: O LORD , our God, your name is honoured in all that you have made!

Voice 1: Beyond the boundless reaches of space
Voice 2: Higher than the heavens where the angels offer you their symphony of worship;
Voice 1: While here on earth even nursing infants gurgle in adoration
Voice 2: Toddlers shout songs of praise
Voice 1: Silencing the cynical sneering of the enemy
Voice 2: Drowning out the godless chatter of the age.

Voice 1: When I stare into the heavens above,
I see your fingerprints all over the sky…
Voice 2: I see jewellery of the finest of workmanship
with the moon mounted in an almost infinite setting of stars…
Voice 1: And I feel so small…
Voice 2: I sense the expanse between heaven and earth,
Voice 1: Creator and creature…
Voice 2: And I wonder why you bother with me?
Voice 1: Why you would look once, never mind twice, in my direction?
Voice 2: Yet I am always on your mind
Voice 1: You care for me night and day…
Voice 2: You have made me little less than a god…
Voice 1: The crown of all creation,
Voice 2: A jewel that brings joy to your heart.
Voice 1: You charged me with looking after your handiwork
Voice 2: You laid everything at my feet:
Voice 1: All creatures great and small;
Voice 2: domesticated and wild
Voice 1: The flocking birds, and shoaling fish
Voice 2: and the whales whose songs of praise circle the seven seas.

© David Campton 2004


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