Happy Birthday NHS

Haven't posted anything this weekend as I have been otherwise occupied. I was already operating at top speed trying to get everything ready for Sunday, and trying to clear up stuff in advance of us all heading to the US in less than a fortnight, but then I got a phonecall on Saturday night at 9.30pm telling me that our eldest son Owain was in the casualty department of our local hospital with a suspected broken wrist.

So instead of having a nice Fathers' Day lunch at a local hotel, Sally, I and Ciaran spent it in the hospital cafeteria, while Owain fasted, waiting for his surgery, which took place at 8pm last night. Thankfully everything went smoothly, and he was discharged today... Now we await the verdict of the fracture clinic this Friday, regarding the proposed trip to the US.

But it is always the same... In 3 out of the past 5 years we have ended up in the fracture clinic with Owain, before heading off on holiday. So it really shouldn't have come as a surprise... Indeed the only surprising thing is that we haven't been reported to social services for child abuse! He has had 6 fractures (3 to his left wrist, 1 to his right humerus, 1 rib and 1 right ring finger) in 9 years... That sort of record is usually the result of engaging in dangerous sports for a living... In Owain's case, walking across an empty room could be deemed a hazardous activity!

But we are thankful that he is largely intact. And in that we are deeply thankful for the NHS, and the people that serve within it.

When Owain had his big break 2 years ago he experienced the NHS at its worst and best... His experience in casualty was appaling... little short of callous and incompetent... Largely due to a chronic lack of experienced staff. He wouldn't have been refered to orthopaedic specialists for 3 weeks if they had had their way... It was only my stubborn refusal to move that persuaded them to refer him to the fracture clinic that week, and when he attended it the consultant was furious that he had not been called on the night of the injury, as he feared that their delay may have meant that the growth in Owain's arm would be retarded, the rotation of his shoulder limited and he would be unable to play any contact sports again. But thanks to the first class care he recieved from that point on, despite complications, he has been playing rugby and tennis throughout this past year. Until now that is... His sporting activities will once again be severly curtailed for a while. But this time his treatment from beginning to end has been exemplary.

So I thank God for our NHS... For those who serve in it, those who thought of it and those who seek to improve it.

She may be showing her age a bit, but happy birthday NHS!


Anonymous said…
hope the arms all better again owain =]

don't break anymore bones...history's just not the same when your in hospital..

Anonymous said…
yes i can see that someone has left a mesage and I know who...
If "they" re-read this I will say one thing...."I'm sure your are very concerned and not at all trying to get on my nerves, see you in september"


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