Covenant Accountability

Every week that I have been here in Grand Rapids at 4 o'clock on a Tuesday I have attended an AA group for Methodist pastors.
Actually that is not true, and is actually disrespectful to both AA groups and this particular group of fellow pastors, but it is the only analogy I can use for those who have never participated in such a group.

An initiative of the United Methodist General Board of Discipleship and inspired by the original classes and bands of Wesleyan Methodism, Covenant Accountability Groups for disciples exist in various forms across the US. Each has a formal agreed covenant which they repeat at the beginning of each meeting. I tried to memorise the covenant of this group, but failed miserably, (except for where it says that they have the form and seek the power of religion, a reversal of Wesley's classic fear), but here are a few other examples. In the meeting each member formally checks in and shares their joys and concerns, ranging across their spiritual, mental and physical health. It lasts strictly for 1 hour, and ends with a brief but meaningful time of prayer.

Not everyone has been there every week, but then it is summer. But it has been a good discipline for me... even one Tuesday when I was left there on my own considering my own wellbeing.
So I am hereby flagging up that I am looking for recruits to engage in a similar disipline back home.

"I am David and I'm a Methodist Minister..."


Mr. Moo said…
I think that's a great idea - although I guess I'm a bit far away from each other - but the concept is good. The original purpose of FK?

Thanks for sharing your American life :)
Auntie Di said…
We sort of did a bit of a similar group way back - set up by Kenny when he was with FYT. It was more of a Peer Support group though reflecting on work and how things were spiritually.
mmmm...The only other group that reflects the sort of AA was the Breastfeeding support group that I went to with Sam when I had come to the end having been feeding solidly for 5 hours... my name is Auntie Di and I am a compulsive breastfeeder...

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