Like Precious Oil

Today, the theme of our service at Faith United Methodist Church in Grand Rapids, was our call to be United, as in the affirmation that we believe in ONE, holy, catholic and apostolic church... rather than anything to do with that football team from Manchester who must not be named.

We shared in communion, that sign of our unity in Christ, which sadly so often is a sign of our disunity as believers, unable to commune around a shared table. But we also shared in the words of based on Psalm 133.

How wonderful, how beautiful when brothers and sisters live together in unity.
It is a sign of God’s anointing.
It is like precious oil poured upon the head of God’s appointed priest;
Running down Aaron’s beard and down the collar of his priestly robes.
It is like fresh morning dew, from the cool heights of Mount Hermon
falling on God’s holy mountain
Because the Lord God has commanded his blessing:
Everlasting and abundant life.

From Psalm 133 © David A. Campton 2008


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