Wedding Bliss

Haven't been on for a few days... Partly because of a touch of RSI through using unfamiliar keyboards and mice for sustained periods of time, and partly because I was busy with a wedding - a full 2 day affair here with rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, the service and the reception, all marshalled by a mistress of ceremonies who kept us all in line... and as everyone knows, I respond so graciously to being told what to do... But everything seemed to go well in the eyes of the bride and groom, Liz Strong and Scott Merriman... Who have now jetted off to Disney World for their honeymoon... Appropriate given the film theme for their wedding reception.
Once again, it was a real privilege to be so deeply involved in the life of members of the congregation here... I wouldn't be so sure that people back in Ireland would be so happy to have an unfamiliar minister conduct their wedding, even if it were legally possible... which it isn't. But then I discovered that practically anyone can be licensed to perform a wedding here... All you have to do is purchase your ordination over the internet. Why did I bother with 3 years at Edgehill if all I needed was to join any one of a multitude of internet churches and hand over less than $100? No, seriously, why did I bother with 3 years at Edgehill!?!


Becky said…
David ~ That's funny you mention that website...I had to go there and get my boss "ordained" so he could officiate his daughter's ceremony in Montana a couple of years ago! He loved to joke about how he was now a "reverend".
All part of the crazy joys of the separation of church and state... The US legislature refuses to have any "quality control" over whatever crazies claim religious ordination. Bizarre!
Bill said…
Right or wrong, the U.S. government does not allow snake handling in churches without a permit. This is just one instance where they get involved when they feel like it. The lines can be blurred.
I stand duly corrected.
So... no one is allowed to handle snakes, but everyone is allowed to marry others...
I love America!
Bill said…
What more do you expect from a country that refuses to use Metric and denies global warming?

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