When the Saints Go Marching In...

I was checking out different websites for this old New Orleans jazz standard for a service I am doing this Sunday, when I came across this amazing variation on the theme with Louis Armstrong and Danny Kaye. I posted it on my Facebook page... yes I have entered the weird and wonderful(?) world of Facebook... But I thought it was worth posting here as well for more general access...

I want to be in THAT number!!!!



Buckeyes Nut said…
That was awesome! Sure don't make musicians like them anymore. My 4 1/2 month daughter couldn't tear her eyes away from the screen!

God Bless!
Wondering said…
Spooky feeling that this event and the Disney Jungle Book "I wanna be like you-oo-oo" are not unrelated. I don't think I'll ever enjoy Jungle book again, realising it's a racist take-off of Louis Armstrong. I've just lost another of the innocent enjoyments of childhood!
Thanks... you've now blown it for me too... Missed that in my total naivety!

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