Crass Christianity

My sister in law Linda usually comes up with some bizarre and crass religiously themed Christmas gift for me each year... "Jesus Action Figure"... "Baptism Shampoo"... "Fire-breathing clockwork Nun" to name but three, but whilst we were in Niagara Sally pointed out to me a Christmas item to top them all... A nativity set with all the characters replaced by bears... In Sudan last year a British schoolteacher was almost executed for allowing her pupils to call a teddy bear Mohammed... Yet here is the incarnation of the Son of God portrayed by ceramic bears! Then I went online to find a picture for this rant only to discover that this is not an anomally. There are hundreds of variations on an ursine nativity theme.

But then, as I was checking Libby Purves' Faith Central page this morning I discovered this exercise in even worse taste...

Pin anyone!?


Anonymous said…
Very Bizarre indeed! But do you really think you should share pictures like that? That just helps the person responsible to continue showing off there disrespectful (Crass) creations. I know there are probally alot of people out there that want to shock us all, but do you really want to be there delivery person?
You are probably right... Will think twice in future.

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