Soft Medals

And another thing...

While on the subject of the American coverage of the Olympics, if I hear one more moan here about this being the last time that Softball or Baseball will feature I will scream. This probably hasn't been a major feature of British coverage, but it was mentioned every 5 minutes here last night (OK maybe slight exageration there...)

For the attention of all Americans: NO-ONE except yourselves, Canada, Japan and Cuba play these sports to any great extent... Well, we do, but only in primary school and we call it "rounders." That is why your laughably titled "World Series" never feature any teams that are not North American.

If the Olympics is to reflect sports played across the world, then these two essentially American pastimes are less deserving of a place than cricket is... And God forbid that it should ever be reinstated... Tho' perhaps they will try to introduce 20-20 cricket (or cricket for those who have more important things to do with their lives than wait around for five days rainy days) into the London Games.

Or perhaps Ireland should campaign to have Hurling and Gaelic football included... Then they would be guaranteed a medal for it in much the same way that the US is guaranteed soft medals for baseball and softball at the moment.

Rant over... Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


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