US Plus and Minus

So, hopefully... if all flights have gone according to plan and my family have not killed me because of the fact that I turn into a horrible monster through my travel schedule induced anxiety... I am back in NI after 7 weeks in MI.

So what will I miss about the US... Apart from the wonderful people we met that is (although if all of them take us up on our offer to visit 9 Rosepark will be very full! But don't let that stop anyone...)?

Well, first let me say a few things I will not miss... In no particular order...
  • US DSL internet... It is dreadful... So slow.
  • US cars... Big, bulky, all noise and no poke, with steering so vague as to be notional
  • MI roads... People say it is down to the weather... freezing in the winter and roasting in the summer... but putting some tax dollars into maintaining infrastructure might be a good idea (even if it won't get you re-elected)
  • US TV. We already get the best of American programmes in the UK, and after 7 weeks of American TV I will never complain about the adverts on our commercial channels again.
  • The sugar in most foods here... even baked beans would put you into a diabetic coma.
  • The humidity...
  • The bugs... The mosquitoes and the "no-see-ums" that devour you at dawn and dusk.

But these things are more than made up for by:

  • The quality of service in restaurants (and Canada take note... you are rubbish in comparison with the US)
  • The buying power of the Pound (but now the British economy is tanking so that no longer counts)
  • The sugar free ice-cream available here...
  • The warmth...
and finally
  • The showers... Why is it that even the worst hovel I have ever stayed in over here always has a great shower... Such a great way to start the day...
So, keep your cars and your bugs but please send us your plumbers!

And thanks to everyone who made the last 7 weeks such a fabulous experience for me and all my family...


Pat Sutherland said…
.....and we will miss you and your family.It was a wonderful experience for all of us!

an "abnormal" member of Faith UMC

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