This has been a week for me embarrassing myself over words. For about a month now my wife has been regularly hammering me at a wordgame called WordTwist over on Facebook, then this week I was challenged by 3 other people to a game... The result was that I finished in a humiliating 4th place... Nothing wrong with coming fourth given the competition... the humiliating thing was my score which would have embarrassed a dyslexic goldfish...

But anyone who has persevered in reading this blog will know that my spelling can, at times be erratic, especially when I have been blogging late at night... Perhaps any American friends haven't noticed, since your spellings of most words are wrong anyway!!!

Last night, however, I committed the biggest blooper yet... I've had a very full week and didn't get round to editting my sermon until 8.30 pm. I finished that by about 11 pm, then set about putting together the powerpoint slides to accompany it.

By 12.45 am I was done in more ways than one.

The theme of the service was Job's question in chapter 28.

"Where can wisdom be found?"

And in the sermon I looked at God's wisdom evident in his written, creative and incarnate word... Mentioning along the way the fact that I am fascinated by words...

Not fascinated enough however, to check the title page of the powerpoint presentation, which, instead of asking "Where" instead asked "Were can wisdom be found?"

Clearly not in Dundonald Methodist's pulpit!

Now, either most of the congregation didn't notice, are immune to my bloopers or are too gracious to point out my stupidity, because only 2 people pointed out my mistake to me... One doing it very quietly... the other asking whether it was a "deliberate mistake?" They apparently had shared this possibility with their neighbour, expecting me, at any moment to point out this mistake and use it as an example of the limitations of human wisdom. But alas no!

But it does demonstrate that. It demonstrates the fact that only God is perfect, something which Muslim artists emphasize by working a deliberate mistake into every piece they create, but which I manage quite naturally!

So if you want to know WHERE to find wisdom, don't look in my direction!


Gadgetguy said…
If it's deliberate, is it a mistake?
gadgetguy said…
by the way...
Deleting the odd, superfluous, 'u' now and again does not constitute "most words". How does the saying go? Two countries, separated by a common language.
colerainejane said…
Your profile reads as if the children are just Sallys!
They might actually like to deny me as their father... Especially my number 1... But they are definitely, undeniably and wonderfully mine. I will have to take a look at my profile to make sure no-one else makes the same mistake.

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