Handle with Care

As a quick ps to my last post on how we should, and should not communicate Biblical truths to children, a salutory lesson in the difficulties of this comes in the person of a certain 7 year old called Ciaran Thomas Campton.

From he was no age he has struck terror into his mum and I when visiting speakers talk to the children in the church service, because he has never had any compulsion about speaking back. On one famous Sunday he had a stand up row with me in front of the whole congregation about what does and does not constitute a church! And his take on the Sunday school lesson is always quite interesting to listen to over Sunday lunch... Although it can lead to you choking on a hastily swallowed carrot!

Over the past few weeks the Sunday School, Bible Class and church have just started into a new common "curriculum" and we've been looking at some of Jesus' healing miracles... Last week he wasn't too impressed that Jesus used spit to heal a deaf mute... "Yeughh! He said, imagine putting slabbers in someone's ears and on their tongue!" And this week he suggested that in order to heal the woman who had been bent over for 18 years Jesus should have used a crow bar!

His most entertaining moment, however, was probably after last year's youth service, when the speaker had told the children that the Bible was dynamite. Three hours later we found him sitting in the corner of his room, chuckling to himself. When we asked him what was so funny he said "The Bible is dynamite!" Before putting his hands together then opening them like a book and shouting "KABOOM!!!"

I fully agree with that speaker... the Bible is dynamite... and certainly, as far as children are concerned we have to handle it with care...

But for other kids'-eye views of the Bible, check out "Give up Your Aul Sins" a short animated film based around Dublin schoolchildren's accounts of Bible stories. You can get a taster of the title sequence on YouTube.


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