A Little Red PS

A brief ps to my post of a couple of days ago.

When I posted the Noel Coward song I was thinking to myself that the big thing separating us from the 1950s when it was written, or the last big economic downturn in Britain during the 1970s and 80s was the lack of what Coward refers to as the "reds and the pinks" making any significant comment.

What Thatcher had failed to do in killing off the hard left here in the UK was well and truly finished off by Tony "New Tory" Blair...

So, methought, the last verse of Coward's song doesn't quite fit any more... and I had briefly thought about omitting it...

However, my wife was telling me about a conversation with a mutual friend who, in the light of the current economic chaos had decided to look again at Marx's "Das Kapital" but couldn't find his copy (I wonder where mine is?). So he went into Waterstone's to by a new one, but they didn't have any. When he then went to the counter to order one he was then told that they didn't have any in stock and hundreds of people were on a waiting list for any that came in...

An idea whose time has come again?


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