America, Bless God

CountersA song to be sung in response to the Annunciation... whether the coming one is McCain, anointed by the religious right, or the quasi-Messianic Obama, let's get our priorities right and our loyalties straight:

Hail to the Chief of Chiefs!
Glorify God alone, with all that you have and are.
Rejoice in God, for he alone is our salvation.
He remembers the humble when others forget,
Bringing blessing for a single mother
When others only offer shame.
Doing great things for and through the accursed.
That’s why he is different from others.
That’s why his name is in a class of its own.
He is merciful to all who truly bow before him…
Who recognise his power and authority…
Pouring out blessings on their children and their children’s children.
He never stops performing miracles;
He still scatters the arrogant like the men of Babel of old.
He looks behind worn out words of faith to see thriving thoughts of pride.
He topples thrones and casts kings down into the dust from which they came.
But he lifts up the humble-hearted to sit by his side.
He fills the hungry with the finest of fare
But sends the bosses away without their bonuses;
The rich with nothing but a flea in their ear.

taken liberally from Mary's "Magnificat" in Luke 1:46-54


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