I'm Going to Praiseland

A final word on the "Jesus my heavenly boyfriend" pap, that is being passed off as praise at present, owing more to Oprah than to the Song of Songs. In our discussions on this subject on Saturday night, my friend also reminded my of the line in the episode from series 12 of the Simpsons entitled "I'm Going to Praiseland," in which Ned sets up a Christian themepark.

During it he strikes up a brief relationship with gospel singer Rachel Jordan, but when he encounters her later on, he finds that she has gone solo because her band have gone secular:

Ned: So uuh, where's your band?
Rachel: They switched from Christian music to regular pop. All you do is change 'Jesus' to 'baby'.
Ned: Oh, how horrible.
Rachel: Oh, they'll all go to hell.


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