Into the Valley

Found this gem while searching for material for our Sunday morning Remembrance Service. It's not appropriate for that but thought it was worth re-posting here. The story behind it's creation can be found here (I know... posting something from the Sunday Mail... I'll be struck off the pinko-liberal Christmas-card list).

Having been created in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday it depicts the 169 British servicemen and women killed in Iraq up until that point. an additional 7 have died since then...
Lance Corporal Sarah Holmes,
Sergeant John Battersby,
Trooper Lee Fitzsimmons,
Guardsman Stephen Ferguson,
Sergeant Duane Barwood,
Nicholas Brown.
Add to this the 122 casualties in Afghanistan, over 4000 US and other coalition servicemen in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and innumerable Afghan and Iraqi deaths.
Will we remember them?


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