Shake 'n' Vac Praise

Was discussing some of the issues raised in this week's strand on hymns and songs last night, and I remembered another entire category of praise that drives me demented, that being the short, inane songs that worship leaders insist on singing 403 times in a row. Not talking about things like the Wild Woose "Wee Songs" but those which are sung until the congrgation are in a hypnotic state... and I am not being funny about that, because often that is exactly what is induced and interpreted as "the Spirit."

But while we were discussing some of these a friend called to mind a line from a letter to the Sunday Telegraph on the subject of modern praise where the writer said:

"Most of the music we were told to sing would have disgraced a Shake 'n' Vac ad."

'nuff said...

ps. Anyone fancy taking a run at writing a praise song to the Shake 'n' Vac tune?


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