The Week That Was...

In a truly momentous week, what has tickled my fancy in the blogosphere?

Regarding the big news story (something about a new President of the USA incase you missed it) the blog that summed up the momentous nature of it all was Crookedshore's identification of the quote of the night. McCain's gracious concession speech and the inspiring words of Obama's acceptance, also caught the imagination of Crookedshore and others. William Crawley has posted the full text and visuals of the latter here.

This is also the first week of NaBloPoMo 2008, or National Blog Posting Month, for the uninitiated, and a lot of the posting has been to do with the presidential campaign, but Marramgrass, who introduced me to the whole NaBloPoMo thang has to get the prize for one of the most feeble first posts.... But at least he admits it!

Of course we're now rapidly heading towards season of Winterval, or whatever the loony leftwing halfwits want to call it this year, and the resultant waves of indignation eminating from right wing newspapers. The first website to point out the latest secularist nonsense this year is Faith Central, who have flagged up the brouhaha stirred up by Oxford City Council.

One item which will probably keep the right wing press and bloggers occupied at the moment is the continuing fallout from the Ross/Brand affair. For the record I think they are a pair of misogynist, boorish prats who (as they often do) went too far in seeking the cheap laugh that belies their intelligence and talent. However, using them as a tool to attack the Beeb and the license fee again, is pathetic. As Marramgrass and xetera point out the Beeb is a national treasure and should be defended against the assaults of the likes of the ultra-conservative Mail and the Murdoch media empire. But Maggi Dawn did come up with an interesting and fairly comprehensive piece on the nature of apologies in the wake of the whole affair.

On a different track entirely, ever wanted a better illustration of the trinity than the truly awful one of the shamrock, or the more recently in vogue ice/water/steam one (accused of being modalistic) then check out Why Not Smile?

Finally, in a week of inspirational news with regards to the events in the US, another totally unrelated, but equally inspiring post on Cheryl Wonders. It may have been doing the rounds of emails but it is worth another look.


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