What Colour is your Poppy?

A friend sent me a white poppy on Friday… although I don't think he expected me to wear it.

Incase you haven't come across one before they are produced by the Peace Pledge Union… You can read a little about their history here.

My first encounter with such a thing was on the lapel of a member of the church we attended in Edinburgh, a bearded, sandal wearing gentleman who was a member of CND, Amnesty International, and took part in every peace protest going. But I never asked him where he got one for fear that he might sign me up for something.

There are many Christians who do not wear the red poppy because they believe it celebrates militarism and glorifies war… And certainly some of the military trappings of Remembrance Sunday tend towards that... Although talking to many serving soldiers they are the last to glorify war…

And for that reason some wear a white poppy instead of a red one…

In some places (including Canada) that has produced a backlash from those selling the red poppies, who have seen these interlopers as insulting the memory of the dead and infringing their copyright (and fund-raising powers).

But actually, I see nothing wrong with wearing both red and white poppy.
The white poppy as a prayer for peace… But the red poppy as a reminder of the bloody cost of war… and a means of raising money for the care of those who have paid that cost. Those who laid their lives on the line for their family, their friends and their country.

So... Whatever colour your poppy, wear it... not so much with pride, as with prayerful humility...

ps. I did wear the white poppy, with the red one.


Anonymous said…
good on ya man. Mrs Crookedshore did exactly the same

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