Advent Anticipation of an Other Worldly Kind

I'm a bit of a closet sci-fi nut... In fact, I don't think I'm even in the closet about it... Don't read as much sci-fi as I used to, but I still enjoy a good sci-fi movie.
That means that I am waiting expectantly for the release of the newest Star Trek film, which takes the whole franchise back to its roots, with Kirk, Spock, Scotty et al. What self-respecting sci-fi fan wouldn't be itching to see it after this trailer:

I'll have to wait until May to see it (probably even later in the UK), but as I have been telling my congregation this week the joy of Christmas should be increased by the anticipation of waiting during Advent. But I hearby serve notice that if they mess around with this old friend of mine I will be very, very annoyed...
Mind you not half as annoyed as I'll be if they mess up the current sci-fi blockbuster release, a reworking of "The Day the Earth Stood Still", not only one of my favourite sci-fi films but one of my favourite films of all time. A few years ago they took another favourite film (not a sci-fi one this time) "The Flight of the Phoenix" and CGI-ed it... If they had spent as much money on the script and time on the directing as they channelled into the technical wizardry then it maybe wouldn't have been so much of a "Flight of the Turkey." But what they did with that might be as nothing compared with what might happen with "The Day the Earth Stood Still" especially as it has got Keanu "I'm less animated than Gort" Reeves in it (a little in joke for fans of the movie).
But here's the trailer for it just the same...


mark said…
Hmm. I've been slightly skeptical about this one, but when I saw the trailer Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock have actually got me looking forward to it. Go figure.

Abrams may be lucky: Trek fans are among the less rabid.
Alan in Belfast said…
Funny that faith and sci-fi often go hand in hand. Wonder which one is more of a closet activity though sometimes!
gadgetguy said…
I'm eagerly anticipating the Star Trek film, but I don't have high expectations. I am less than impressed with the cast selections, but I will see it in the theatre and hope to be pleasantly surprised. I, however, have no interest in watching "Mr. Whoa" destroy an old favorite.
Boaly said…
Thats the first trailer i've watched for the new trek film. Haven't been too sure about it, but after watching this i'm pretty eager to see it!
Unfortunately the word on the virtual street is that Keannu's version of TNTESS is less than impressive... I thik we've seen all the good bits on the trailer... Let's hope that isn't the case with STXI

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