Crying in the Wilderness

I wrote this last year, and I noted on the original file that it was influenced by someone called Janet Lees who writes a lot of liturgical resources, but one year on I haven't a clue how much, or little is her work or mine...

Anyway, I gladly dedicate it to her, and to the work of those engaged in Christian community development work, especially the inspiring urban transformation being proposed by the Skainos Project in inner east Belfast.

There’s a voice crying in the wilderness
In the inner city wastelands
And run-down sixties housing estates
And the voice says “Get ready for God.”
“Make the paths straight
Repair the potholes and re-lay the pavements.
Level the empty tower blocks
and use the rubble as the foundation for God’s new motorway
straight into the heart of the city,
into the heart of the problem,
into your heart and mine.
Bend and break the proud and the powerful
Raise up those who are bent over and weighed down
So that they and everyone can recognise God’s handiwork.
Praise God!


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