Hallelujah anyway!?

Well, as prophesied last week there will be a Hallelujah chorus this Christmas... Unfortunately the Simon Cowell/Alex Burke version of Leonard Cohen's song rather than the Jeff Buckley version... Although Jeff apparently ran her a very close second... making this the first time in history that the same song has held first and second slot in the British single's chart. But anyway, thought I'd take the opportunity to post this little ditty by my mate Mitch Benn, from the Now Show on Radio 4 last Friday/Saturday.

Sadly not enough people rallied round, but then WhyNotSmile posted this wonderful little version, by our latest favourites the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Company on her Facebook site. It's my No 1!


whynotsmile said…
Several comments:

1. Is Mitch Benn really your mate? If he is, can you tell him to update his podcast more often? Thanks. Though I'm enjoying his Christmas Carol audiobook.

2. I downloaded the Jeff Buckley version about 6 weeks ago, having failed to realise we were all doing a collective Christmas push for it. I can only apologise.

3. I love the sock puppets. For ever.
1) Mitch IS a mate, and I will ask him to extract the virtual digit.
2) By joining the Jeff Buckley set early, you at least have the moral high ground over those who have opted for the X-factorised version. And byt downloading it you have managed to miss out on the rest of JB's "Grace" album, which, frankly, is a mercy.
3) Now a member of their appreciation society... Thanks!
David said…
The best version of "Hallelujah" I've heard:


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