The Star

Before I became a minister I was an actor in the theatre... and I performed all sorts of plays, but I never became a star... It was maybe out of some sort of frustration that I wrote this monologue for a Christmas family service a few years ago... You have to imagine a grown man dressed as a star...

Good morning everybody, I hope I’m not dazzling you too much... Here I am the one you’ve all been waiting for... The star of the show... Well the Star anyway... And I’m here today to do a few impressions... What’s that? (Points finger like gun) Bang! A shooting star... (Spins round) A star turn... (Jumps up) A star jump... (Falls fown) A falling star... (Makes fish face) A star fish... No no don’t applaud... There’s no need... I’m always making quite an impression!!
Although the biggest impression I ever made was over 2000 years ago... It was the reason I was created... Most other stars are just there as pin pricks of light to make the night sky more interesting and give Patrick Moore something else to do other than play his xylophone... But I was created for one thing and one thing alone... To lead people to the Son of God when he was born as a baby on earth. One group of men followed me for nearly two years to get to the right place... Not an Emperor’s palace or a King’s castle but a cattle shed in a small town called Bethlehem... Yes I made quite an impression that night... But not as much of an impression as the baby whose birth I marked.
And today, well, people still follow stars; either those in the sky using the zodiac and horoscopes... or more earthbound stars of stage, screen and music... But you are not meant to follow stars... You are meant to follow the Son... the Son of God.


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