Lending a Hand

The BBC Breakfast programme early last week included a feature on a child who, at the age of 14 months lost her hands due to meningococcal septicaemia, and has been fitted with cybernetic hands. Twenty years ago this was sci-fi stuff, and as far as the NHS is concerned it may as well be, because it is not offered free on demand at the point of need, and probably cannot be because of the sheer cost £24,000 per pair of hands. And as she is still growing, this requires at least one pair per year. Indeed, it seemed to me that the pair she has at present clearly has some growing room in them... Any parent does that in buying clothes for their kids... The Cub jumper that we bought for Ciaran a few weeks ago drowns him because it was bought with 3 years wear in view. But you can't do that with shoes, much less arms.
Buying my kids' school shoes every August sends me into a spiral of despair. Especially when they are seriously scuffed within 3 days of the start of term. Her mother has organised all sorts of fundraisers, including a creative appeal to celebrities to "Lend a Hand:" auctioning casts of their hands to raise money. Unfortunately, I was watching the programme on the run and didn't catch the name of the child, and despite extensive googling I have not been able to find her name or the specific name of the appeal. If anyone out there can enlighten me and other readers I would be endebted...
However, it has also inspired me to organise a telethon next August for my children's shoes... Anyone willing to man the phones?


Don't know if this is girl you are talking about or not:
Her name is Tilly Lockey.
Enjoy Sligo

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