Mutual Moderators

As a Methodist, I have kept my virtual mouth shut about the Presbyterian Mutual Society debacle, and will continue to do so. Others of a Presbyterian bent (a particularly debilitating problem experienced by Cheryl, Alan and Crookedshore among many others) have commented on it from the inside, and I will leave them to it, praying that the innocent will not suffer unduly, but despairing that the real culprits have gotten off scot free after whipping away their cash and leaving their mutual mates in a very deep hole...

But I do ask these two linked questions... and they are real questions that I would appreciate real answers to if anyone has them?

  1. When was the last time 23, or more, former moderators put their name to any statement or request?
  2. Did they ever do so in a cause that did not solely benefit their own members or institution?


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