What's the Point in a 25 Year Guarantee?

I've reached the stage in life where there is definitely more in the rearview mirror than there is on the road ahead! Frankly that doesn't worry me as it is quality, not quantity that counts... And scripture teaches me that there is a whole stretch of road that I can't yet see...

But today as Sally and I were having a quick bite to eat in IKEA (another sign of my age!) the voice on the PA announced that all IKEA mattresses come with a 25 year guarantee, to which I said (in a statement aimed at winding up my wife) "Not much point in that for me! I'll be dead before I get full value out of it..."

Then I came home to find that Will Crawley had posted a link to a life expectancy calculator developed by Boston School of Medicine, and according to it I can legitimately expect to get full value out of a mattress with a 34 year guarantee! But then, it predicts that William Crawley will have a life expectancy of 89, so either he lied significantly more on the questionaire than I did, or it is seriously screwy!


Bill said…
I suppose the positive side is that it may be the last one that you will ever have to throw money at?

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