A Slight Frost...

Its been a wee bit cold here over the past week or two, with some snow and a fair bit of ice... In fact its almost as cold as "when I was a boy"... Although thankfully now we have central heating and double glazing.
However, the sprinkling of snow that we had last week caused everything to grind to a halt, with a 20 minute journey taking me 90 minutes on Thursday, and schools closing left, right and centre. But what I want to know is WHAT ARE WE MOANING ABOUT!?
Friends from the US sent us these pictures of the shorefront of Lake Geneva in Wisconsin...

Hardly surprising given that this is above the snow-line in the US. But another friend sent this one from sunny Florida.

We are significantly more northerly than either of these two places...
So lets stop moaning, give thanks for the Gulf Stream (for as long as we still have it) and get on with things!


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