A Wee Caim

In honour of St. Patrick's Day, here's a Caim (pronounced "kyme" I am reliably informed). A Caim is a protective prayer or blessing, almost certainly derived from pre-Christian pagan prayers or incantations. Most Christian ones are trinitarian in form and at least one writer suggests that they should be accompanied by the person drawing three protective circles around themselves with their index finger.

Anyway, this is one that I regularly use as a benediction, or to conclude a longer prayer, particularly in the setting of chaplaincy. In its final form I am not aware of having swiped it from anyone else, but its constituent parts are far from original, and anyone is welcome to use it themselves if they so desire.

But for now, consider it a prayer for yourself, gentle reader.

May the strength of God the Father support you in your weakness,

May the love of Jesus the Son surround you wherever you go,

And may the peace of the Holy Spirit overshadow and protect you. AMEN

Dia duit


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