Giving the Government the Finger

This is not a story to read immediately after your breakfast, but apparently a Serbian union official has cut off his little finger and eaten it, in protest at unpaid wages. Zoran Bulatovic used a hacksaw to cut his finger off and said "it hurt like hell". Surprising that!
The prophets in the Old Testament realised that words were not enough at times, and did some dramatic things to make a point... Isaiah walked around naked for 3 years while Ezekiel lay on his left side for over a year before turning over onto the other side for a further 40 days, and Ahijah tore his coat into twelve pieces, giving 10 to Jeroboam. But this is something that may even have given the most fervent Old Testament prophet pause before doing it.

Apparently some workers at the Raska Holding textile factory in Novi Pazar haven't been paid for years, and currently have nothing to eat, so he ate his finger to make an example.
His colleagues threatened to follow suit, one at a time, but further auto-cannabalism has been put on hold until talks are held with the Government on Tuesday.

It's pretty extreme... but Mr. Bulatovic was literally prepared to put his finger where his mouth was... In this time of economic crisis what are we prepared to do to speak up for the poor and powerless? Because words may not be enough.
(But if you are up for stories that make you queasy... try this one about a man with a fir tree growing in his lung...)


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