Journey in the WIlderness

As I said a couple of days ago the Old Testament passage and the Psalm set for tomorrow both look back to the wilderness experiences of the people of Israel. I touched on the relevance of thatstory to us in my poem "From slavery to Freedom". But Joy Dine does it better in her hymn "God who sets us on a Journey". I haven't been able to find another source for it on this side of the world, so here it is:

God, who sets us on a journey
to discover, dream and grow,
lead us as you led your people
in the desert long ago;
journey inward, journey outward
stir the spirit, stretch the mind;
love, for God and self and neighbour,
marks the way that Christ defined.

Exploration brings new insights,
changes, choices we must face;
give us wisdom in deciding,
mindful always of your grace;
should we stumble, lose our bearings,
find it hard to know what's right,
we regain our true direction
focused on the Jesus light.

End our longing for the old days,
grant the vision that we lack.
Once we've started on this journey
there can be no turning back;
let us travel light, discarding
excess baggage from our past,
cherish only what's essential,
choosing treasure that will last.

When we set up camp and settle
to avoid love's risk and pain,
you disturb complacent comfort
pull the tent-pegs up again;
keep us travelling in the knowledge
you are always at our side,
give us courage for the journey,
Christ our goal and Christ our Guide.

Joy Dine "Faith Forever Singing"
Tune: Hyfrydol

Certainly better than the execrable "Moses I said you're the man..."



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