Taste and See that the Lord is Good

Tomorrow's Psalm according to the lectionary is Psalm 34. Here's my take on it:

Voice 1: I will bless the LORD every chance I get;
Voice 2: his praise will always pour from my lips.
Voice 1: I live and breathe the LORD;
Voice 2: let those who face troubles hear me and rejoice.
Voice 1: Join me in praising the LORD;
Voice 2: let us lift up his name together.
Voice 1: I looked for the LORD, and he found me;
Voice 2: he freed me from my anxious fears.
Voice 1: Those who look to him reflect his glory;
Voice 2: their faces are never clouded with shame.
Voice 1: I called for help to the LORD and he heard me;
Voice 2: he saved me from all my troubles.
Voice 1: The Lord’s angel stands guard over those who follow him
Voice 2: and protects them from all harm.
Voice 1: Taste and see! The LORD is good;
Voice 2: Happy is the person who hides in him.
Voice 1: Follow the LORD, you his special people,
Voice 2: for those who follow him have everything they need.
Voice 1: Prowling lions grow weak and hungry,
Voice 2: but those who seek the LORD are filled with good things.

Psalm 34:1-10


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