Dishonourable Members

Over the past year MPs and public representatives in general have taken a bit of a hammering for their acquisitiveness, racking up huge and unjustifiable expenses claims while so many people are feeling the pressures of the credit crunch. And the attempts of some MPs to resist the findings of Sir Thomas Legge's enquiry will not endear them to the public at large, particularly after a few weeks of party conferences where they have cheered to the rafters various proposals to put the squeeze on public sector workers and those claiming benefits...
But whatever claims for moat-cleaning or multiple-homes have occurred, most of them pale into insignificance when compared with the selfishness of John Ward MP who, many, many years ago, owned a large part of Dagenham. When he died, among his papers there was said to be found the following prayer which he had written.

“0 Lord, Thou knowest I have mine estates in the City of London, and likewise that I have lately purchased an estate in fee-simple in the County of Essex. I beseech Thee to preserve the two counties of Middlesex and Essex from fire and earthquake, and, as I have a mortgage in Hertfordshire, I beg of Thee likewise to have an eye of compassion on that county; for the rest of the counties, Thou mayest deal with them as Thou art pleased. . .”
Typical, we may say… "So long as I'm alright, God, the Devil take the rest..." But hold on… We may laugh at the selfishness of John Ward’s prayer, but let us beware of the selfish shopping lists that we sometimes present to God in prayer. And whilst we may disapprove of the outlandish expenses claimed by MPs let us beware of condemning them yet ignoring the times when we have been a little flexible with our expenses claimed or in our tax returns.
Our actions and prayers may not be open to public scrutiny, but the same God who hears our prayers knows our hearts.

This is an adaptation of a "Just a Moment" broadcast on Downtown Radio on Thursday 8th October, 2009.


snauzer said…
snauzer say's
with regard to repentance and the church i suppose the big one was the RC Church ie the Pope publicly repenting on behalf of the church for its errors over the past 2000 years.
including "betrayal of the gospel" and deviations" from its message.
This included the crusades,the inquisition, holy wars and the burning of heretics,ethnic cleansing and genocide, discrimination against women via excessive child birth,

however the vatican spokesman said, "given the number of sins committed in the course of twenty centuries, it must necessarily be rather summary" repentence that is!

how bad is this "YET"

can we find someone else.... similar to the about GOD?
God repented that he had made man (Gen 6)
God repented that he had made Samuel King (1 Sam 15)& (Exodos 32:14 loosing his temper)

I believe that the above has been a problem for some Christians for it poses a problem between "divine perfection and divine repenting"?

If God can make mistakes just
how great is he, has he limits!
Who knows

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