Wait for It...

Well, advent has officially begun… And at last I can mention the C-word… Christmas… I’m not a traditionalist in many things but on this I am a complete conservative… I absolutely, totally and completely refuse to put up decorations or even discuss Christmas beyond what is absolutely necessary in order to make family arrangements and preparations for worship, until advent begins… and our tree doesn’t go up until the first weekend in December…
And actually, even though the embargo has been lifted, I prefer not to rush ahead into Christmas carols and the like, but rather to practice the age-old discipline of advent… Watching and waiting for the coming King, as the prophets did of old… And one of the reasons is, I’m not actually very good at waiting.
A friend last week said that he wasn’t very good at waiting, when I suggested that he wait 10 minutes for something… In response I said that if that were the case he must really LOVE advent… to which he replied “It's always so busy I don't even notice I'm waiting.”
I suppose he’s not alone in that… The run-up to Christmas can be completely and totally crazy… But do yourself a favour…
Stop… if only for a moment each day… For even less time than it has taken you to read this and think about what its all about…
Because you don’t want to be moving so fast that you miss the Messiah…

(This was adapted from a "Just a Moment" piece written for broadcast on Downtown Radio this morning. If you would like something to help you pause on the journey towards Christmas day, check out the Paperless Advent calendar here, which goes live tomorrow)



Anonymous said…
The Snauzer says,(sounds grander don't you think) instead of just Snauzer says

"not a lot this time.. nothing worth discussing really"
except if you do meet the Messia for heavens-sake get a picture,
take two so we know he's moving.

PS.do you really think he's comming- I could give you the name of a good Doc;
but he dosn't do ghosts or super natural things like that, but he could give you a tablet for what your suffering from.

Well maybe i'll just throw this one in for a giggle.

We know that the books Mathew,Mark, Luke and John were not written by them and that they are impositions.

The differences implies that they are the production of some unconnected individuals, many years after the things they pretend to relate.

The story of Herod destroying the children under two belongs to Mathew only, the others didn't know this wee bit.
After all had such a circumstance been true, the fact must have been known to the writers????

Mary and Joseph fled into Egypt to escape the slaughter but they forgot about poor baby John, (Baptist) incase you didn't know) who was under two,(poor wee mite)....but would you believe it John fared just as well as Jesus. strange isn't it. (probably it is supposed to mean something else)
anyway....you probably know all the answers, but keep them to yourself. can you imagine sending out amendments to 16,000,000 homes in 14 different languages.

Heavens just leave it a wee lie, mistake, typing error,whatever after all it's only one of many.

Don't know which commentaries of the Gospels you are reading, but I'd get a refund if I were you...
Anonymous said…
The snauzer says,

get yerself a new one for heavens sake, yer probably still using the one bought by yer auntie for Christmas when you went to whereever.

The Holy book has been written and rewritten, version after version, take yerself down to a good bookstore and get the one that came out last week.

Regards Snauzer

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