Christmas Gift Ideas No 2: The Ideal Nativity Set?

As I have already stated in a post here I was in Munich recently and was astounded by the huge range of nativity sets on display. But one that I didn't see, or perhaps didn't actually recognise as a nativity set is this "hand-painted" minimalist version by German artist Oliver Fabel. I was alerted to it by Bess over at Faith Central.
But to a large extent, this, in a very straightforward way, is doing to Jesus and his story, what people have tried to do from the time of the incarnation. Fit him, and everyone else around him into a nice neat box... Make him conform to a wider design of our own making...
But the truth is, Jesus didn't fit... There was no room for him in the inn and there is no room for him within our boxes, or colour-coordinated designs.


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