New Atheists and Old...

A friend forwarded this link to me last week. It was originally written during LentCountersbut it's equally applicable to Advent, perhaps even more so as lots of the so called  "New Atheists'" books fly off the shelves in the run up to what is supposedly the celebration of birth of the son of the God they don't believe in...
Whilst I wouldn't agree with all of the article, I do think that the emphasis is right... the biggest threat to Christian faith are not new atheists, but the practical atheists that take their places in the pews (and pulpits) of our churches week by week. If we believe in God, we have a responsibility to live like we do.
(ps. incase you are interested, the image is from a book by Tina Beattie entitled "The New Atheists: The Twilight of Reason and the War on Religion" a book which is on my shelf, but which I haven't really had the time or enthusiasm to read yet.. just like Dawkin's most recent offering.)


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