A Book for Holy Week

Just finished reading another of the books chosen for our church's "Good Book Group": "Jesus - The Final Days." It must be said that one of the deciding factors was the fact that it was relatively short, and at little over 100 pages its a quick read, but contains a lot of scholarship within it. It's essentially 3 lectures looking at the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, with Craig Evans covering the first 2 and Tom Wright dealing with the third (does anyone else write about the resurrection from an evangelical perspective these days, and indeed, does Tom Wright write about anything else without bringing the implications of the resurrection into it?). Whilst the scholarship is rigorous, the writing style is accessible and, especially with Wright's section, engaging. So if you're wanting to read something relevant over next weekend, or indeed if you're a preacher panicking about their Good Friday/Easter sermons, then you could do worse than seek out this slim volume.



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